Welcome! New Here?

Headshot2011Welcome! Think of this as my own little Echo Base on the internet.

My name is F. Ted Atchley, III. I write computer code by day and fiction stories (novels, short stories, fan fiction, flash fiction) by night. I’m learning as I go (nothing like a little OJT!) and I’m still a ways from publishing a full-length novel. Currently, I’m published in four short story collections. You can see My Books here.

Ted the Third

I chose the name Ted the Third for my online presence. I come from a very close-knit family. During my formative years, I had four generations of my family (up to my Great Grand Parents) living within a 20-mile radius. We would get together, at least once a week, and sometimes more often than that.

The men in my family are not horribly original in naming their boys, so I wound up being F. Ted Atchley, III. At family gatherings, if someone yelled for Ted, three heads would turn (me, my dad and my grandfather). People started calling us Ted Senior for my grandfather, Ted Junior for my dad, and I became Ted the Third.

The F. stands for Fielding which is usually a surname. I often jest that I have two last names rather than two first names. Two first names being the rule rather than the exception in the deep south. I use F. Ted Atchley because I think it looks a little like F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Getting Around

This is a Blog. The word blog originally came from the phraseWeb log. It was a place where someone put up a log or journal of thoughts and ideas. That is what I’m offering here. These are my thoughts and ideas as I have them. I may be doing this all wrong and I’m sure the ‘experts’ would tell me this will never work, but I know I need this. Our memories are such fickle things and it’s wonderful to have a place to store my thoughts, questions and emotions. I hope you find something useful here as well.

My Story is basically my testimony. It’s my ‘there and back again’ journey with Christ.

Contact Me is a form where you can… wait for it… contact me! I will answer everyone who writes me.

I’ve tried to organize things a little bit and I’ve borrowed my friends Patrick’s Place idea of topic buckets.

Life is a section where I put posts that deal with my family or my faith.

Fiction is where I put posts about writing and books reviews of books I’ve read. It also holds a little bit of shameless self-promotion with a link to a page that shows the short story anthologies I’ve been published in. (All are self-published works).

Blogging is the section where I talk about blogging and also a link to a page that details the tool I used to build this site. It’s a bunch of blog posts where I blog about blogging. It so meta!


Comment Policy

I allow people to comment on my blog, and I strongly believe in building a community of people who discuss posts. You can disagree with me, and other commenters. I’m always learning, and I’m always ready to hear another viewpoint. I don’t need to be the smartest guy in the room.

Do not voice your disagreement with obscenities and foul language. Do not voice your disagreement in personal attacks.

I will delete comments that are insulting or full of profanity.

I will not delete a comment just because I don’t agree with you.

You are not required to use your real name to comment. You don’t even need an account. I use LiveFyre which will allow you post using an account from one of the many social media services like Twitter, Facebook or Google+. You can also comment simply by leaving a name and email.

If a spam comment gets through, I’ll do my best to delete as quickly as possible.