WordCount Blogathon 2013 Wrap Up

Seriously? June is over! Wow.

I didn’t complete WordCount Blogathon 2013 as I didn’t post everyday. I started out well. Then a combination of VBS plus getting sick really derailed my momentum.

My main goal with doing Blogathon this year was to increase traffic and exposure. I didn’t see a huge spike in traffic, but I think some people found me who might not have otherwise found me.

I learned that I get more traffic on days that I post versus days that I don’t post. That makes sense, but it is still nice to see the numbers back that up.

I’m still getting referrals from my old gaming blog, even though I haven’t updated that one in a while.

My single biggest traffic spike of the month actually came from participating in Patrick Place’s weekly twitter chat called BlogGab. Once a month, the community there critiques three blogs and this month I was selected as one of the blogs to be critiqued. I got a major traffic spike, and some outstanding suggestions to make the blog better.

Here’s the word cloud for the month. I’d like to thank Michelle Rafter for hosting Blogathon this year.Word Cloud