Deciding on Wordcount Blogathon 2013

The Wordcount Blogathon 2013 is coming in June. It’s another event like the Ultimate Blog challenge I did where the goal is to write 30 posts in 30 days. I’m concerned about being able to maintain my quality producing so many posts in so little time. At some point I’m going to throw in the equivelent of a clip show.

Clip Shows

StillIf you’ve watched a television series over the years, you’ve seen a clip show. These shows are primarily composed of clips of previous episodes. Castle recently did this with Episode 21 of Season 5 called “Still”.  One of the main characters, Detective Kate Beckett, steps on a pressure sensative bomb. To keep her mind off of her immenent demise, the titular Castle character helps her reminise about their prevoius adventures.

Queue the clips!

Its ‘filler’. The writers are taking a break and basically phoning it in for just an episode. Given their workload and the frequency with which a clip show is used, it’s probably needed.

I’m sure a few ‘filler’ posts won’t hurt anything, but I always want to put my best out there everday. I just never know what post might lead someone to the blog. Each time I post its an opportunity to be found by new readers.

I’ve done some brainstorming, and I’ve got about a dozen topics already. Blogathon has special theme days that will help out as well. That should give me a good head start. I may still need to throw in a clip show or two.


The Blogathon site talks about some of the reasons writers would benefit from Blogathon. My personal goals for Blogathon would be to build traffic, build my brand, establish myself, and gain experience and expertise. Writers get better by writing. That’s true whether its a blog post or a novel.

Some of the goals they talk about are making money. I’m not really looking to land a paid writer gig out of Blogathon (although if you are truly impressed and want to hire me, feel free to contact me!)

In the final analysis, I’ve got much to gain and very little to lose. It’s time to roll the bones, and register for Wordcount Blogathon 2013!


Do you blog? Will you be joining in Blogathon 2013?