Happy Independence Day

Today is a day to celebrate country, and spend time with family.  This is not a day for political statements, though many will make them.

This is not a day for a whitewashed facade. We aren’t called to love something perfect, or something idealized. We don’t have bury the mistakes or try to forget the very real problems our nation faces.

We embrace our country with full knowledge of all its dysfunctions and past wrongdoings. America has a history with mistakes and regrets. Just like its people.

We love our country for what it is, and because it is ours, just the same way we hope people love us. We love it remembering  its good, acknowledging its bad, and accepting everything in between.

This is America, and we are Americans.

All of us.

Regardless of politics or philosophy.

And while we love it today, we dream of a better tomorrow, and hope in our hearts that this nation will make the journey, even when we can’t agree on the exact details of how to get there.

So happy birthday America. Strike up the Star Spangled Banner.

Happy Fourth of July and continued thanks to those who defend her far  from home and family this day.



Note: This post is part of the 31-post Ultimate Blog Challenge. I will be posting 31 times during the month of July, 2012. Since that is a ton of content, I made a page on the blog where you can see all my entries.