Improve Your Facebook Feed in 3 Easy Steps


As we enter into the home stretch of the primaries, I’m sure your Facebook, like mine, is inundated with political postings. I do my level best to have a diverse group of friends and as a result, I get postings from every side of the political rainbow. While I admire the cleverness and creativity of the Internet, finding out my friends specific political leanings wasn’t the main reason I joined Facebook. My main goal is to share pictures with friends and family and keep up with friends who have moved far away geographically.

I recently discovered a feature of Facebook that has helped to improve the experience and filter out some of the political fodder. I feel like most people probably know about this, but a recent discussion about political posts that happened in my feed made me wonder.

1st Step

Find a political post in your Facebook feed. This one is from a dear friend and writing mentor who moved to California and isn’t shy about posting political items.


2nd Step

What we are interested in is the little down arrow on the upper right.


If we click on that little arrow, it opens up a menu.


Hide Post will simply remove the post from your feed, and that’s a good first step. If you scroll down your feed again, you won’t see it.

Unfollow [my friend] will remove all her posts from my feed, but it doesn’t unfriend her. It’s basically the equivalent of unfriending without the other person knowing you’ve unfriended them, which I think might be worse. I don’t want to unfriend or even unfollow my friend. I only want to see fewer of her political posts.

Hide all from [person or site your friend got the post from]. Now we are getting somewhere. Most of us have a few familiar sites or friends we go to and its from those sources that we find our material to share on Facebook. By choosing this option, I’ll no longer see anything from my friend’s source, but I’ll still see everything my friend posts herself. Voila!

3rd Step

Facebook gives us a friendly message to tell us that they’ve taken the action we asked and we get a last ditch opportunity to undo our crazy idea if we made a mistake.


That’s all there is to it. I’ll now see a little less political postings in my Facebook feed and I can get back to seeing pictures of my friends babies or their latest vacation.


Please note:

While this example was of a Clinton post, I could have as easily picked a Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz or Donald Trump post for this example. Please don’t read anything into the specific post I chose to use.