My 5 favorite Android Apps

Today is one of Blogathon‘s theme days, and today’s theme is our five favorite apps. I love my Droid RAZR so here are my five favorite Android apps.

Android_robotThis was actually much harder than I originally thought it was going to be. I don’t use a ton of apps on my phone, but the apps I do have I use constantly. I’m going to skip the really obvious choices, even though they get the most use on my phone. Most people already know about Facebook, Twitter, Shazam, and  Pandora. I also love having Chrome on my phone and sharing bookmarks between it and my desktop.

But here are five apps you might not know about that I love.

Baby Rattle


Baby Rattle is a great app that I use to distract my two-year old when we’re standing in line or at one of his old sister’s events. The app makes a sound like a baby rattle, and has several backgrounds. The first one is a bunch of animals that bounce around the screen. If you touch one of the animals, it makes its sound. The lion roars, the duck quacks. There is also an underwater scene with fish swimming, an ABC 123 scene, a holiday scene with snow globes and bells that plays Jingle Bells, even in the middle of June. There’s also a sky scene with planes, and helicopters.

But my favorite feature is the child lock. There is literally no way for the child to get out of the program. You don’t have to worry about your kid accidentally deleting a bunch of photos or ordering hundreds of dollars of apps.

To exit, you have to click the menu, then click exit and then enter a specific three digit code. The code is on the screen, but since most preschoolers can’t read, that’s not a problem.

Amazon App Store


What? An app store? Why wouldn’t I just use Google Play? I own a Kindle Fire and they require you to get your apps through the Amazon App Store. My RAZR doesn’t care which one so I just use Amazon.

But the biggest reason I love Amazon is I’m a cheap son of a gun, and every day the Amazon App Store takes one of their paid apps and makes them available for free. They aren’t always apps I’m interested in, but sometimes they are and I get a great them for freeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Helidroid Battle Pro

helidroidbattleOne of the paid apps that I recently got for free from the Amazon App Store is currently my favorite game to play on my phone: Helidroid Battle Pro.

You face off against an AI opponent with remote controlled helicopters that look like some of the coolest machines in the sky. I loved the Apache helicopter growing up and the Comanche is a recent favorite. Your job is to blow the other helicopter out of the sky with machine guns and missiles while flying around a bedroom, living room,  or kitchen.

The controls are fairly intuitive and its great fun.


tweetcasterEveryone knows and loves Twitter, and while Tweetdeck has many loyal followers, I’m a fan of Tweetcaster. Tweetcaster has an adorable take on the Twitter bird. I mean just look at him.

Its also made by a company called One Louder apps, a name inspired by the movie, This is Spinal Tap. That takes the cool factor to 11!

The interface is intuitive, and easy to use. The ad supported version has ads that are unobtrusive and out of the way.

It suports my lists (and I don’t how I could use twitter without lists!), as well as all the other popular Twitter features. My only regret is it doesn’t have an MT (Modified Tweet) button.


youversionbibleappThere are plenty of Bible apps on the Google Play store, but my favorite is You Version, the Bible app. Like most Bible apps, it has a ton of versions and translations. I love to read a scripture in several different translations. One of my favorite translation right now is The Message which is a very modern paraphrase.

You Version also has reading plans to read the Bible in a year, or explore a topic for a week or month. Certain translations are available with audio which is great for the car. Everyday, you get a random verse when you start up the application.


Those are my favorite Apps. What are yours?




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