Patrick’s Place Guest Post: Why the Deathbed Confession Works

Today, I’m guest posting on Patrick’s Place “Regular Doses of Common Sense”.



Patrick did a great post where he asked Can a Deathbed Confession Really Get You to Heaven? I enjoyed his response, but I wanted to take a different tack on it. It started as a comment, but as I blew past 500 words and I still wasn’t close to being done, I knew that wasn’t going to work.

I thought about just making it a post here like I did fromCan You Have Christ Without the Bible? However, during the last Bloggab, we talked about guest posting and I decided to give it a shot. I wrote up the post and emailed it to Patrick asking if he would run it.

As an aside, if you enjoy blogging, I high recommend the Bloggab Twitter chat.

I wasn’t sure what he would say, but as the title of this article might indicated, he said ‘yes’ and its up and running this morning on his blog.

Guest Post: Why the Deathbed Confession Works


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