Saturday Six #432

This is my friend Patrick’s weekly meme where he asks six seemingly random questions, and people, like me, answer them. Some in the comments on his blog, and some, again like me, on our own blogs.

1. Have you ever been to a drive-in theater?

Not that I can remember, however; my parents claim to have taken me when I was too small to remember. Given that they were there, and I have no memory of it, I’ll have to take their word for it. Perhaps Cathys Voice can clear this up.

2. What movie would you most like to try watching in a drive-in theater?

Since I’ve never been to a drive-in, I’m not sure which movie would be best enhanced by the experience. Since drive-ins were big in the 70s, perhaps a move from that era would be nice. I would most like to watch Star Wars, in its original form that played in 1977 before George Lucas made all his “enhancements”.

3. Which sport do you feel you are best at?

I have the athletic skill of a drunken marmot. That said, I’m a decent bowler, and that’s probably the sport I’m best at, if you will allow me to stretch the definition of the word sport a bit. But just because I’m not good at sports doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. I love playing touch football in the fall with Paul and some of the other guys from our community.

I also love to play Frisbee golf with my daughter. We have a course within walking distance of the house.

4. How many devices (count monitors, printers, phones, etc.) are on your computer desk now?

One of each: my monitor, printer, and cell phone. I also have my router, my external hard drive, and my wireless mic.

5. Are you more likely to charge your cell phone at home, at work or in the car?

If I’m near an outlet, my phone is usually plugged in. I got the cheaper Droid Razr, not the Droid Razr Maxx. The Maxx purportedly has the longest lasting battery of any smart phone on the market. The regular Razr does not. It’s not quite as bad as the Droid Charge, but my phone still drains pretty quickly under even moderate use.

6. Do you tend to get most of your news online from a news site or social media like Facebook or Twitter?

I tend to get most of my news from my Twitter feed. By the time I can check Facebook in the evenings, most stories have already broken. Twitter gives instant news as well as reaction. Sometimes that reaction isn’t filtered much (if at all).

We don’t watch TV news because we didn’t want to expose our young children to some of the stories. We feel that, as parents, one of our responsibilities is to filter our kids media, and also to teach them how to filter for themselves.


Note: This post is part of the 31-post Ultimate Blog Challenge. I will be posting 31 times during the month of July, 2012. Since that is a ton of content, I made a page on the blog where you can see all my entries.