Saturday Six #436

This week’s Saturday Six from Patrick’s Place is about the Zodiac.

1. What is your traditional zodiac sign?

I am a Scorpio under the traditional Zodiac.

2. How often, if ever, do you read your horoscope?

Virtually never. I’ve always thought college was great preparation for writing horoscopes. You learn to write vaguely enough that it could be interpreted as almost anything. I’ve never put my weight into horoscopes. As one Christian artist put it, “Why look to the stars for your answers, when you can look to the very one who made those stars.”

3. Check out the Geek Zodiak: What is your birth year the year of?

I was born in 1972, so I’m the year of the Robot.

4. Which of the merits listed do you think is most accurate to your personality?

The merits listed for the year of the Robot are : Law-abiding, Dedicated, Logical. Strangely enough, each of those is fairly accurate. I tend to be a rule follower, and I’m very logical most of the time. I can be dedicated, but not always to the right things.

5. Which of the demerits listed do you think is most accurate to your personality?

The demerits listed are: Stubborn, Intractable, Cold. This may come as a surprise but I think it would be cold. I’m not really intractable, nor really stubborn. Most people wouldn’t identify me as cold, but I certainly have that within me. It’s only my faith and living that faith out that keep me from showing people how cold I could be.

6. Which single merit or demerit listed for your sign do you think is most inaccurate to your personality?

I would say intractable. I feel much more comfortable in an XO type of role than a CO. I prefer to be lead rather than lead.

I also checked my wife, and none of her merits or demerits are anywhere close to her personality. She’s also not much of a geek.