Sci-Fi Book Giveaway

Back when I was a kid I collected baseball cards. The most valuable cards were always a player’s rookie card. For writers, our ‘rookie card’ is our debut novel.

You have a chance to win the ‘rookie card’ of my friend, and fellow member of Saucy Ink, Bill Denise. He is giving away copies of his debut title, “Shedding the Demon”.

You may remember that I interviewed Bill about his book as part of the Next Big Thing blog meme.

What’s this book all about? I’ll let you hear from the author himself!

Raised by gang members on the violent streets of a ruined city, Damon finds himself coerced into a secret government program that molds him into a prototype super-assassin. Turned into a walking arsenal and an unstoppable killing machine, he soon discovers reasons to doubt his government-sponsored objectives and begins to see some ugly truths behind the benevolent facade. Damon finds himself haunted by doubts – is he somehow being used as a weapon in a covert bid to bring chaos the current regime?

Gathering together his friends and some unlikely allies, he must find a way to stop the usurper before the entire human race falls victim to brutal tyranny.

What are you waiting for? Enter the contest! Post haste! While you are there, mark “Shedding the Demon” as a To Read.

Update: Be a Winner! Bill has announced that starting today (11/21/2013) and running through Saturday (11/23/2013), the Kindle edition will be free on Amazon! This is an easy, no risk way of checking out an exciting new sci-fi author. 

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Shedding the Demon by Bill Denise

Shedding the Demon

by Bill Denise

Giveaway ends December 16, 2013.

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