Who Is Building Your Author Platform?

This post shares some unconventional advice I got from an unexpected place on building your author platform.

“Success is one thing. Impact is another. I live to impact people.” – Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens linebacker 1996-2012.

ray lewis impact

Ray Lewis is about to make an impact

One of my goals with writing is impact. Like Ray Lewis, I want to impact people. To accomplish that goal I need a platform to help me boost the signal of my message so it can be heard over all the noise.

I know I can get lost in a sea of blogs, Tweets, Facebook and Google+ posts. The lack of traffic, and comments on my blog was really starting to bother me. Was I just screaming into the void?

My perspective changed after hearing an interview that Christian singer/songwriter tobyMac did. He talks about platform from the perspective of a guy who has a large one.

I’m not sure I’ve fully recovered from what he said. He talked about how he encouraged people seeking to build a platform to not go around prodding and kicking down doors. He put forth the radical idea to rely on God to provide you with the platform when He knew you were ready for it.

He didn’t give this advice as some sort of good theory. tobyMac claimed that it was the way  he himself has always approached his platform and his life.

He emphasised that it didn’t change the ‘sweat equity’. tobyMac still learned his instruments.  He studied successful artists. He practiced for hours, and hours, and hours every day to hone his craft.

I’m working on my craft, both as a fiction writer, and a blog author.

I’m still learning all I can about blogging and social media. My friend, Patrick, hosts an outstanding weekly chat on Twitter about blogging called BlogGab. I’m learning something every single week.

But the leap of faith is to believe that ultimately God will open the doors. It is a radical thought. I do the work, but I depend on God for the results. Noah worked on the ark for years before the first drop of rain. The Apostle Paul spent three years studying, praying and preparing himself for his ministry. If you’d had seen him during that time, you would never have guessed that he would one day have the platform and the impact that he did.

What does it mean?

It means I can exhale. I’m in a season of learning and maturing.  I don’t have to stress or worry over my numbers right now. When I’m ready, the numbers are going to come. I do my part, and I trust in faith that God will do His, in His way and in His time.

I don’t get a ton of traffic most days, but right those visitors I do get are the most important people to me. You are the ones I’m serving even today, and each one of you is an opportunity for impact.

Thank you for making my blog part of your day. I know everyone is extremely busy, and I truly appreciate it.